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Glenlivet 18 Year Old 750ML


The 18 Year is the first scotch in The Glenlivet’s line with a clear glass bottle, no doubt chosen to show off the whiskey’s lovely amber coloring. The single malt is bottled at 43% alcohol, slightly above the norm for scotch.

This scotch is not the light, floral stuff that makes up The Glenlivet’s younger whiskeys, such as the 15 Year. Complimenting the darker color, the nose on the 18 Year is thick like syrup. I thought the core of the scent was a mix of chocolate fudge, toffee and butterscotch, and would be akin to walking into a candy shop, were it not for the strong undertones of oak and peat smoke. The flavor is full-bodied, with lots of oak tannin and a syrupy, citrus sweetness. with the peat smoke remaining firmly in the background. The finish is long, dry and spicy with an overlay of oak.